Out of Print Collective

Caroline Case


Caroline is an artist printmaker based in Bristol (www.carolinecase.com).


She originally studied in sculpture and dance. She is currently working in print-making using etching, woodcut, linocut and letterpress. She is a member of Spike Print at Spike Island, Bristol. She is a member of Hybrid a group of artists and art therapists who show work together (hybridartists.co.uk).




My work is based between the outer world of nature and the inner world of imaginings. Working with etching and woodcut I am sometimes inspired by landscape, nature and animal life; sometimes by narrative, story and myth. I am currently working with multi-coloured woodcuts using the reduction process. Woodcuts are the oldest printing method and it suits the subject of ‘working with narratives’ or ‘working with nature’. The narrative imagery is inspired by fairytale, current events in the news and personal and cultural story. I am drawn to the slow process that woodcut production involves when working with many colours and work on up to five blocks at once letting the next stage of any one block take shape in my mind.




I am drawn to the physicality of the whole process, using tools and knives, the smell of paint and ink. You cannot go back with the reduction process, any ‘mistake’ has to be worked with and at the end you are free to start a new print as you cannot ever print it again. Similarly, I am drawn to the physicality of the etching process which lies between art and chemistry. I enjoy the interplay between the material and what it seems to want and the ideas and imagery I bring to it so that it is a collaborative process with the medium.