Out of Print Collective

Christiane Gruenewald

CG 3


Christiane’s recent final pieces are mostly textiles. The patterns are usually first developed through painting, drawing and/or photography and have often gone through previous ‘incarnations’ of work on paper, consisting of layers and fragments.


CG 2
Experiencing and interweaving inner and outer landscapes she combines “hands on” print techniques and digital applications.
Life with Fibromyalgia has emphasised Christiane’s perception of life as often disjointed and always fragile and precious. Mapping and collecting, as aide memoire to a frequently disfunctional memory have become a way of life and influence her slowly growing body of work.
Some of Christiane’s Materials are being used as wall hangings in the home or even outside, others have been turned into scarves or framed as pictures. Since 2014 she collaborates with Gudi Schepokat in the development of floor mats, specifically designed for Alexander Technique.


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and in Paderborn, Germany: “KartenKunst”